DreamPlay is Fun

Last Saturday, we celebrated my wife’s thirty-fourth birthday at the newest casino complex in Metro Manila, that is, City of Dreams Manila.

After eating dolsot bibimbap for lunch at O Kitchen, we immediately went to DreamPlay, City of Dreams’ Dreamworks-themed indoor playground.

At DreamPlay, we first went to DreamTheater. It was a real treat watching various popular Dreamworks Animation characters come alive in wonderful short 4-D animation movies (that is, 3-D movies with surprise water sprays in synchronization with the movies, which is very similar to Mickey’s PhilharMagic at Hong Kong Disneyland).

Afterwards, my son joined other kids in the Kung Fu Panda Dojo to train to become a kung fu master. There were motion sensors to determine how much they were able to follow Po and Master Monkey of the Furious Five.


My son then went climbing and sliding in the various dragon-shaped slides in the How to Fly Your Dragon area. The slides are of various sizes and have different twists and turns. He had the greatest time here, and he spent around two hours playing there.

At around seven o’clock in the evening, we went to Gingy’s Kitchen, where my wife and son learned how to make a gingerbread man. An instructor made step-by-step instructions of how to mix cookie dough, cut and mold the gingerbread, and apply icing on the gingerbread man. Gingy, Shrek and Donkey made appearances there too.


Thereafter, we spotted a life-size Po mascot walking around and took pictures with him.

My son capped the night by playing at the Afro Circus, a Madagascar-themed multilevel play area.

There were also other attractions for bigger kids, such as the Wall of Destiny and Thread of Enlightenment. We also missed DreamTales, a puppet show of the Dreamworks characters, and DreamStudio, among others, because of time constraints.

In any event, we really had a blast! DreamPlay easily trumps all the other indoor playgrounds in the Philippines, such as Kidsville Play and Party Center of The Podium Mall and Kidzoona of Robinsons Galleria.

As for the City of Dreams itself, there are still a lot of unopened stores and the restaurants are very pricey, but the hallways are very spacious and grand. We can’t wait to comeback after all the other stores and restaurants open.

Thank you for reading and I hope you like this space!


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